A Biblical Perspective on Politics

The 2016 United States Presidental election is indeed an historic election. We could say that every four years is an historic election. Every election becomes more historic, yet more disappointing, fearful, and evil. Christians endure greater pressure that voting is their solemn, moral duty before God. Dread grips their hearts […]

TruthHub TV: Refuting the agentival argument against the Deity of Jesus Christ

Unitarians who believe that the Son of God is not coequal and coeternal with the Father will use many arguments against the deity of the Son. The fundamental fallback argument will be that the Son as a creature Who had a beginning is the “agent” of God. Logically, according to this argument, any proof of the Son’s deity can be dismissed as the authority and power of God being granted to the agent. In this video we will ask some questions and look at Scriptures to see if the “agentival argument” stands up to scrutiny.
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The Unbreakable Threefold Cord: A Defense of the Trinity (Part 17)

Having answered all Mr. Burch’s “difficult questions,” we will now turn outside the Scriptures to the understanding of the early church to see how they understood what the Scriptures taught. These were the ones who could read the Scriptures in their original languages and access what the apostles taught outside […]

The Unbreakable Threefold Cord: A Defense of the Trinity (Part 15)

In this part we will answer one of Mr. Burch’s remaining “difficult questions” for trinitarians. This question has to do with the distinction in person and role between the Father and the Son. We will see that the Scriptures provide all the answers to this that we need if we […]

The Unbreakable Threefold Cord: A Defense of the Trinity (Part 14)

In this part we will continue to look at Mr. Burch’s “difficult questions” that raise the challenge of Jesus being human and yet divine. Three of these “difficult questions pertain to the fact that Jesus prayed to the Father; thus, we will answer these three together. Indeed, if we are […]

The Unbreakable Threefold Cord: A Defense of the Trinity (Part 13)

In this part we will continue to address the “difficult questions” that Mr. Burch poses in his book. The previous two parts answered questions related to the deity of Jesus Christ regarding His death and resurrection. Now, we will shift gears to answer several of Mr. Burch’s questions concerning the […]

Foundations episode 003: Christ the Image of God

Daniel explores how the Old Testament says that no one can see God while also saying that people did see God. These apparent contradictions are resolved in the revelation of Jesus Christ as the One Who is the image of the invisible God and is the One Who exegetes the […]

The Unbreakable Threefold Cord: A Defense of the Trinity (Part 12)

In the previous part we observed the Scriptural answer to Mr. Burch’s first “difficult question” regarding Jesus dying on the Cross and being God at the same time. If we do not let human rationalism cloud our thinking, we realize that this “paradox” of the One Who is divine becoming […]

Foundations episode 002: Henotheism and the worship of Christ

Daniel continues with the subject of the deity of Christ and the issue of worship as it relates to henotheism. He finishes with a brief critique of a portion of a debate on where this issue exposes the glaring problem with trying to worship a creature as Jesus is worshiped.