TruthHub TV: A Gift from a Muslim Episode 1 – Introduction and Story

About a week before Christmas of 2017, John Mynyk received a rather unusual and generous gift from a Sunni Muslim. Find out what it is and why!

Episode 1 introduces the gift and tells the story of how and why John Mynyk received it via a storyboard approach created in Moviestorm. It also discusses various Sunni hadith collections, narrates a story of Mohammed’s life from a Sunni perspective (also created in Moviestorm), and summarizes the five pillars of Sunni Islam.

TruthHub TV: Refuting the agentival argument against the Deity of Jesus Christ

Unitarians who believe that the Son of God is not coequal and coeternal with the Father will use many arguments against the deity of the Son. The fundamental fallback argument will be that the Son as a creature Who had a beginning is the “agent” of God. Logically, according to this argument, any proof of the Son’s deity can be dismissed as the authority and power of God being granted to the agent. In this video we will ask some questions and look at Scriptures to see if the “agentival argument” stands up to scrutiny.